seeking a job in Australia

  • Sir myself Dharmendra from a commerce gradute from India looking for a permanent job in Australia
    I am from Money Changing Field having a good exprience. Kindly guide through.
    My email ID [email removed]

    29 Jan 2006, 10:18 Anonymous
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  • looking for a job in australia

    i am 29 years of age a male i am college level i'm work now in garments factory i work before in shopping mall as a stockman and salesclerk.

    james 13 Jul 2007, 01:20 - Report
  • looking for a job in australia

    dear sir/madam,
    i am 29 years of age a male seeking a job in australia i am 3rd year college taking up civil engineering. i work before in shopping mall as a stockman and sales clerk i learn a lot to deal and motivate with different people. and now i work a garments factory i have skills in high speed sewer and i design. here my email add [email removed] thanks and God bless you all.

    james 13 Jul 2007, 01:37 - Report
  • syaloom

    I am 22 years old a Indonesian man. Looking for a job in Australia as a cook. I can cook Indonesian food , chinese food and western food. I have worked for two and a half years as a cook and now I have been studying at The Bali Hotel School in Bali majoring in Intensive Course 5000 Cook since April 2007. I will be finishing my theory class on last of July.
    I look forward to the opportunity to work.
    God Bless You

    Ruli Wijaya 14 Jul 2007, 07:25 - Report
  • Syaloom, I am looking for a job as a cook.

    I am 22 years old a Indonesian man. Looking for a job in Australia as a cook. I can cook Indonesian food , chinese food and western food. I have worked for two and a half years as a cook and now I have been studying at The Bali Hotel School in Bali majoring in Intensive Course 5000 Cook since April 2007. I will be finishing my theory class on last of July.
    My email address is [email removed]
    I look forward to the opportunity to work.
    God Bless You.

    Ruli Wijaya 14 Jul 2007, 07:32 - Report
  • looking for a job (hairdresser)

    hi im pancho garcia im a senior hairdresser at fanny serrano salon here in the philippines for about 7 years now. im looking for a job in australia. email me at [email removed]

    pancho 18 Jul 2007, 04:25 - Report
  • seeking for job nearby at sydney at Australia

    hi this is Harjeet Chopra.i am a graduate in commerce field and want a job nearby place and seeking for the job
    and about me i also have computer knowledge Basic,Internet
    and as much required for a job.
    anyjob if u get for me plz mail me at
    [email removed]

    i need your help and i hope i get it soon.....

    Harjeet Singh 18 Jul 2007, 04:37 - Report
  • Looking for a Job

    My name is Hiranumar.B. I am a Flash/Web Designer & Multimedia Developer. I am an Indian (located in Kerala). I have 4 yrs of experience in the profession. I am very much interested to relocate to Australia. May I get any help for a job? I will send my resume if needed. Thanking you.
    Email : [email removed] / [email removed].
    Phone : +91 9447808391

    Hiran 20 Jul 2007, 09:05 - Report
  • Looking for a job

    I am roshan from nepal.I am 32 years old &
    complete my master degree & having working experienced
    in hospitality industry front desk
    [email removed]

    Roshan 22 Jul 2007, 11:05 - Report
  • job or a course

    i am an indian having PR visa. ihave done my MBA from an Indian also a PG in economics. Have both industrial and teaching experienceof total 10 yrs. Will i get a Middle level mgt. job or would have to study further.

    My E-mail ID deepaleez @

    dips 02 Aug 2007, 12:59 - Report
  • job for indian CA

    i am a CA from india with a PR visa interested in setteling in Australia. I have 10 yrs experience un accounting and taxation matters.Kindly guide me

    My email [email removed]

    Dicky 02 Aug 2007, 01:04 - Report
  • NEED A PERMANENT JOB IN AUSTRALIA (not a residency of australia)


    JENNY 09 Aug 2007, 10:46 - Report
  • Hi !

    My name is David I am 31 years ,I have experience in mobile fitter and the carpenter 3 years .contact to:[email removed]

    david florin 18 Aug 2007, 09:29 - Report
  • Looking a job for Mechanical designer AutoCad, solidworks

    This is Mukesh, currently in india, working as a Mechanical designer on solidworks.
    I am-
    • Certified professional of GD&T, ASME Y14.5M from USA. With 80% marks.
    • Certified professional of solid Works from USA.
    • Advanced tolerance stacks training from ETI, USA.
    • Advanced diploma in Cadd Engg. From CEDTI Mohali.
    • Training on LASER Scanner ROMER.
    • Having B1/B2 U.S.A. visa for 5 years.

    Now I am looking for a job in Australia.
    Please guide me to achieve the same job.
    My mail is [email removed]

    Mukesh 20 Aug 2007, 11:33 - Report
  • re : job searching

    hi, I am Glenda from Philippines, am looking for a job in australia, please help me. I am into Payroll and HR functions.. my email add [email removed].
    Please help me. Thanks

    Glenda Ngilay 22 Aug 2007, 06:44 - Report


    LAHOUCINE AAROUSS 27 Aug 2007, 09:39 - Report
  • Looking For Jobs in Austrlia

    Sir I am Sutrisno from a Technic graduate from Indonesia looking for a temporary job in Australia
    I am from Techic Machining Field having a good exprience. 5 years experience in manufacture company as supervisor.
    Kindly guide through.
    My email ID [email removed]

    Sutrisno Sutiman 28 Aug 2007, 11:27 - Report
  • Bio-Data (Shaik Razak.S)

    Dear Sir,

    Seeking a suitable Job in system administrator.

    Thanks & Regards


    Shaik Razak.S 01 Sep 2007, 12:59 - Report
  • Catering and restoration job opportunities

    Hello there!
    I'm Italian, Im working for an International Company of restoration and caternig as restaurant manager in Parma.
    I'm graduated at the Milan University with master degree taken in Canada.
    I'd really like to work around the same field in Australia.
    Are there any chances?
    My email adress is: [email removed]


    Guido 02 Sep 2007, 01:43 - Report
  • Job wanted

    I'm from New Zealand with experience in office work, and teaching English as a second language. I have a Bachelor of Education.
    My email address is [email removed]

    Anne 14 Sep 2007, 01:27 - Report
  • Sydney - job seeking

    Hi, we are two spanish men, 25 and 26 years old, bachelors in english language and advertising, respectively and looking for a sponsor in Sydney to get a worker visa. We have experience in many jobs and will work hard and seriously. We have high level in english and would like to find any kind of job starting from november

    Miguel Jimenez Buendia 18 Sep 2007, 03:35 - Report
  • Permanent Job in Australia

    Im filipino citizen but south african resident i wanted
    to move in australia my job is a Production manager in
    knitwear company in south africa my husband is a knitwear designer if you are interested dont hesitate to email @ [email removed] or [email removed]

    Miriam 27 Sep 2007, 05:28 - Report
  • seeking a job in australia

    im mohan 26 years old and im from malaysia. have a diploma in electric and electronic eng.. i have 3 years experience working in electronic company. i also can handle a warehouse coz i been worked in one of company here for 2 years..i also can do some wiring, mechanical i have some skill work.. if there is any vacancy for me. can contact my email id, [email removed]
    Thank you very much.

    mohan 01 Oct 2007, 12:33 - Report
  • Looking for Job in Australia

    Hi, I'm Thiru. I'm a qualified accountant with 8 years of experience. I'm looking for job in any part of Australia.

    Thirumaran 02 Oct 2007, 04:16 - Report
  • Seeking for employment

    Hi there
    My name is Willem Schwartz, I'm from South Africa and in the prosses to migrate to Australia. I'm a Aircraft fitter aswell as a diesel and petrol mechanic, which I use on the mines. I am seeking for a job opportunity in Australia. If anyone can help me you can contact me at:
    [email removed]

    Willem Schwartz 08 Oct 2007, 08:11 - Report
  • Helooooo

    Heloo im hiten from the world. I am 23 years old. Doing Nothing just enjoying the life. I want to enjoy the life dont want to do anything. So, dont find any job for me. Thank you....

    hiten 09 Oct 2007, 12:38 - Report
  • Xsteel

    I am a steel detailer for five years, using Tekla Structures(Xsteel). I am a Filipino, 27 years old.
    My email add [email removed]

    Tagz 12 Oct 2007, 06:14 - Report
  • Seeking a job in Australia

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing to inform you about seeking of a job in Australia. My name is Ali,35 years old, from IRAN/TEHRAN . I am industrial engineer with about 15 years experiences, especially in EFQM,Strategic management, Project management and Planning and project control and ...
    My email is [email removed]


    Ali Ajami 20 Oct 2007, 11:23 - Report
  • How need a Social Worker?

    Hello, I`m from Germany and I`ve got a degree in major: diploma in social work. I`ve experience in many fields. If you are interested send my a e-mail: [email removed]

    Ulrike 06 Nov 2007, 12:31 - Report
  • 5+ yrs Experianced Multimedia Professional

    Iam an Indian, 27ys MultiMedia Professional,5+yrs of experiance. Seeking a sponsor for relocate to Australia.
    Iam seeking an Emplyer who provide me the Visa & Work permit
    My ID : [email removed]

    Vijeesh.P.R 07 Nov 2007, 07:51 - Report
  • electrical engineer

    I am Mohamed from Egypt,25 years old electrical engineer,2 years of experience working in factories and petrolium companies, maintenance and installing filed,
    i am seeking job that can help me to achieve myself and develope my skills.
    for further information,contact me on:
    [email removed]

    mohamed 19 Nov 2007, 04:07 - Report
  • hello

    I m Dorji Lhendup from Bhutan looking for a job in Australia. At present i m working in medical store as a assistant. I am much interested to work over there and i don't care whatever job i get. if i get job there i can do with my best. Here is my id [email removed] and this is my mobile number 0097517657544. I wish my dream comes true.

    Dorji Lhendup 28 male 21 Nov 2007, 04:31 - Report
  • veterinary or nursing job in australia or canada

    I am looking for a job in Australia or Canada. I am a license veterinarian (13 years)and a registered nurse (3 years) in the Philippines. My husband is a graduate of Commerce, Marketing major and at the same time have a certificate training of Welding Machinery under TESDA accreditation. We were looking forward for a company or agency who can hire us and sponsor our working visa in any part of Australia or Canada.Please contact us tru our email [email removed]
    Thank you very much and more power!

    God speed,

    marie 25 Nov 2007, 02:50 - Report
  • seeking job as graphic designer

    i'm aged 28, a malaysian with 7 years of experience working recently at local graphic firm. Attached to design using CorelDraw & Photoshop. Knowledgeable in Riso printing as well... I'm intended to look for further details before planning going to Sydney (North)for temporary job..Email Address: [email removed]

    tsen kuie yann 30 Nov 2007, 02:04 - Report
  • Seeking job

    I am S.K.Acharya from Bangladesh.I am working in seafood processing company since 1991.I want to take a job in Australia.If any employer have need seafood related employee so please contact with me at my email:[email removed]

    Swapan Kumar Acharya 01 Dec 2007, 06:55 - Report
  • I am looking for a Job in Australia

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This me Narayan Babu (from Nepal), currently working as a Field Underwriter at ALICO, Dubai. I am perfect in dealing Health, Investment and Life Insurance products with the client and help them to come with best plan.

    So far my educational background, I have completed Master Degree on Population Studies in 1999 from Nepal. Since then I have been working for several organizations to enhance my career in the sales and marketing field.

    I have more than 6 years experience in direct sales and marketing of FMCG, Health related products, Birth control devices and well familiar with the market channel, strategy formulation and target setting. Therefore, I am best for the direct sales and marketing and regular field monitoring position.

    I am also perfect in executing social marketing approaches for behavior and social Change of the communities/target customers and social marketing of health related products, provide technical assistance to CBOs/NGOs for capacity building and so on.

    I am so much interested to work in Australia for whatever position that are available. I am looking forward for the valuable guidance/suggestion/sponsorship.


    [email removed]

    My major job responsibilities include

    Narayan Babu 04 Dec 2007, 10:28 - Report
  • Need a job as Nanny,Housekeeper,Caregiver,PersonalHelper for elderly and disable,Maids,Kitchen helper

    hi im wiewie
    this is my cv blogs.
    pls read it and contact me if u have a job for me ^^
    arigator, mucco gracias. thx ^^

    merry x'mas 2007 and happy new year 2008

    wiewie 25 Dec 2007, 04:28 - Report
  • seeking job in australia

    Hello im a Moroccan and im a mechanic car Technicien , two years of experience. speaking languages : english, french, arabic.
    looking for job opportunities inside Australia .
    if interested please contact me at [email removed]

    hassan 29 Dec 2007, 07:03 - Report
  • looking for a job in australia

    i am raj from india i have completed bsc chemistry ann have three years experience as pharmaceutical quality control chemist and lokking for a permenant job in australia.kindly guide me through email address:[email removed]

    raj 06 Jan 2008, 07:03 - Report

    Agricultural Research Institute is willing to offer a trustworthy male or female a good pay stress free Job in which

    you will be its Payment Rep online.For more information please contact Jenifer Sancredi

    Email:[email removed]
    address:2297 coventry road
    city: sheldon
    Co Down BT26 6DR
    Phone number:+447024044796

    Jenifer Sancredi 19 Jan 2008, 02:24 - Report
  • Looking for Job in Australia as Mechanical Draftsman / CAD operator

    I'm Franz from Philippines, But currently working in Japan. I'm an experienced, self-starter, creative, strong 2D (AutoCAD) and 3D (SolidWorks) CAD skills,
    and self-motivated Mechanical Draftsman and Designer/Development Engineer (also likes do mechanical works) looking for a challenging new role in engineering, manufacturing industry, and mining industry in Australia to work and settle.
    My contact e-mail address is [email removed]

    Franz 25 Jan 2008, 09:59 - Report
  • mechanical workshop foreman from South Africa

    Hi I'm a workshop foreman, been a earth-moving equipment mechanic before i was promoted busy doing business management me and my wife and two children are looking to immigrate my wife is a accountant, i got 7 years farming experiences and 7 years earthmoving experience. Reason for immigration to Australia crime in SOUTH [email removed]

    Piet Van Zyl 25 Jan 2008, 09:30 - Report

    Australian people please visit:,
    you won't be dissapointed.

    Visit it! 05 Feb 2008, 04:22 - Report
  • Job seeking

    Hello Sir i am rakesh from India i am seeking a job in australia related to accounts or Hospital Management. My e-mail id is [email removed]

    Rakesh 09 Feb 2008, 12:40 - Report
  • looking for a better life

    My husband is portuguese, 46 years old, he is instructor.
    I´m hungarian, 26 years old,dressmaker.
    We have a beautiful 4 years old son.
    Atually we are living in Spain and we are seeking job in Australia. We are very honest, and good persones, and we know to work hard.
    If you can help to us, please, send me a e-mail.
    [email removed]
    Thank You to all!

    Anikó 14 Feb 2008, 04:53 - Report
  • electrical engineering

    hi dear sir/madam
    I am 22 years old , and graduated in electronic engineering (BS) with total point 17.40 from 20(grade A)
    And now studying in communication engineering (MS) from university of Iran.
    I have passed some training courses and have some skills such as:
    • Programming with Matlab (programming by Image processing Toolbox and Signal Processing Toolbox and control system toolbox )
    • PLC (programming logic controller) training course
    • Familiar with Office(word ,excel)
    • Engineering software like ,PSPICE,ORCAD,POROTEL,MATLAB
    • Programming with C,C++
    • I am familiar with English( I read technical books like electrical /electronic/communication engineering books in English)
    • Familiar with mobile communication(traffic and signaling channel )

    I am interested to work in a company which use my skills and my educations
    email: [email removed]
    best regards

    mohammad 15 Feb 2008, 11:17 - Report
  • seeking a job in australia .

    Hi,MY NAME IS JAGDEEP MADAN FROM INDIA, I'M 29 Y.O. AND STILL SINGLE. I have passed 10+2(non-medical)& three yrs diploma in mechanical engg.I have two yrs experince in KEW Ltd as a quality engineer,later shifted to malaysia as work permit in a milk plant & working in marketing &accounts field in a single company four yrs.I can speak ENGLISH,PUNJABI,HINDI,MALAY. MY PASSPORT IS READY AND NO MATTER TO RELOCATED IN AUSTRALIA.
    MY EMAIL id: [email removed] AND MOBILE +0091-9914188811

    Jagdeep Madan 22 Feb 2008, 01:04 - Report
  • hi

    I'm Lyn 22yrs old seeking for a job in Australia as a Caregiver,.I graduated Bachelor's degree in Nursing and a Certified Health Care Provider.I had work experienced for almost 2 years as a Private Nurse and a Caregiver.Kindly advise me on my email [email removed]. I am looking forward for some positive response oneday,thanks!!! =)

    Lyn 02 Mar 2008, 03:58 - Report
  • Looking for a job in social work sector at Canberra, Australia

    I, Sajitha. C. Alex from India, done masters in Social work(MSW) which affliated to Madras University, India. I am having 4 years experience in social work sector as project officer and equalent designation. My Australian immigration visa under process, will get the visa to Canberra .Therefore now I am looking for a job at Canberra. Please let me know through mail ID about the vacancies of the above subject
    Mail ID: [email removed]

    Sajitha.C.Alex 02 Mar 2008, 07:00 - Report
  • Looking for job in Social work sector at Canberra, Australia

    I, Benny Joseph from India,done masters in Social work(MSW)which is affliated to Nagapur University India.I am having 5 years of experience in Social work sector as Deputy programme Manager and equivalent designation. My Australian immigration visa under process and I got ASW registration also, will get visa to Canberra. Therefore now I am looking for a job at Canberra and please let me know about the vaccancies of above subject through my Mail ID which given below.
    Mail ID: [email removed]
    [email removed]

    Benny Joseph 02 Mar 2008, 07:22 - Report
  • Looking for job in Agriculture based NGO in Australia

    I Kripa Mondal from India, done masters in Agriculture and Masters in Sustainable Development and I am having 6 years experience in the same field. I am looking for jobs in Australia. Presently I am working with ADRA India as a Agro Forestry Officer at Andaman Nicobar Islands for Tsunami response project. Please let me know about the vaccancies of above subject throgh my mail ID which given below
    Mail ID: [email removed]

    Kripa Mondal 02 Mar 2008, 07:31 - Report
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