Spouse Visa

  • I don't know where to start. I am married to a British Citizen and am not going to mail my documents in until a week and a half from now. What is the longest it will take if I hit peak time? They say 5 to 10 business days, but I am still worried. How strict is the UK embassy? MY husband and I don't have savings, but he is employed and we are not seeking public funds. Do I have a chance?

    16 Oct 2007, 10:09 Lily
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  • sattelment visa after 2 years spouse visa

    Dear all, I am having a struggle understanding the immigration rules. I from South Africa and I went to the UK under the working holiday rules. I then genuinely fell in love to a British citizen and moved together. When my visa was about to expire we then decided to go to be married in South Africa and from there apply for the relevant spouse visa which was then granted with no issues.
    Today this visa is expiring and I was told to apply for a settlement visa. But reading through the application I have noticed a question which asks if my husband is working and how we live 9renting or council accommodation).
    Unfortunately my husband was ill before I met him and out of work, he was also receiving disability allowance and we both lived in the flat assigned by the council to him.
    Off course we must state other ways as we worry that based on my husband profile I may not be granted any settlement visa. Is it so?
    We both worry very much what to say as we truly committed to one another.
    Another problem is the fact that he changed his name time ago (the name we married on) but all his benefit incomes are registered under his old name which he had to keep as he feared it may have caused more confusion. Therefore all documents staying his income and so on are on a different name other then his new one…

    What can we do? I have been however advised to state that he isn’t working due to illness but not in receipt of any benefits. Further to state we live in a rented accommodation other then council.

    I know it is difficult to advice, but any suggestion is welcome. The best would be if he could go back to work like yesterday for the time being…but you know how difficult that can be…especially when you can’t walk and move very well…Any advice is welcome, or email me directly at

    Emma crab 10 Aug 2008, 10:15 - Report
  • Help from spouse visa to settelment

    hello, i am married to a british citizen who has been ill and out of work from the time before we met. I was granted a spouse visa which expires next month. Now we have to apply from the UK and i was reading the application which asks details of earning and if my husband is getting public funds etc...WHAT DO I DO? WHAT DO I SAY? Will the fact affect my application? I have been working all the time and i am also studying and we both have a healthy savings and no debts. will that count something? In addition we live in a flat which was assigned at the time to him by the council. However he is planning to go back to work even with his illness if necessary for my visa. Is that necessary? I NEED TO KNOW ASAP WHAT SHOULD WE DO...DOES ANYONE HAVE A SIMILAR EXAMPLE OR EXPERIENCE ON THIS MATTER? YOUR INPUT IS MORE THEN WELCOME. THANK YOU

    EMMA 13 Aug 2008, 10:28 - Report
  • Bheng VISA


    LORENZO 13 Aug 2008, 10:44 - Report
  • UK Visa Dreams

    Hi First of all I would like to make it clear that the UK have now made a rule where English written exam is compulsory, which is good I suppose, people who can't speak or write English what benefit can they be to the country.i'm not racist in anyway, i'm a british born muslim but seriously think that only educated people who have something to offer the UK economy and country should be allowed.

    Alisha 19 Aug 2008, 01:20 - Report
  • Husbands life in danger

    I am a british born citizen and got married with a pakistani citizen in Feb 08, we applied for his visa but it could rejected due to 1 or 2 papers missing, we sent them papers off via my immigration lawyer to the embassy who refused and now the hearing date has arrived via the AIT to attend in September, my husbands life was in danger since his mother died in Jan and transfered all her millions worth of assett to her son meaning my husband, since then his step dad and step auncle who are very powerful people in Pakistan have tried to get my husband killed, he got fired at once the bullet went through his arm, he survived thank god and then about 3 weeks ago he got attacked by 2 men again and he got stabbed in the leg and he ran for his life again, he has been hiding from one place to another and i written to all my MP etc begging for help but the AIT/Judge still refused to give me an earlier date for an hearing even though the above situation has been mentioned to them by me and my MP.Step auncle is an overseas minister in Pakistan and step dad is a high ranked Brigadier in Islamabad, my husband could not even go to the police over there because they wont listen to my husband they have power over them e.g ministers etc, corruption, bribery, power and money talks in countries like that.When my husband tried to get a visa to go dubai the guy who was sorting the tickets and visa out for my husband to escape for his life to Dubai even he said that there is a restriction for my husband to go out of the country, guess who would of arranged that, the oversea's minister off course, evil people, but thank god with the help of some people we managed to get him out to dubai, he is there now but he is in position that in order for him to stay there he needs to work and get a work visa for 3 yrs but the hearing date is close as well, his visa expires for dubai at the end of september but we dont want him to go back to pakistan because the chance will be that he will get killed, so if he gets a job there and gets a visa in the UK, can he stay in dubai to complete his 3 yrs contract or will he never ever get a chance to come to the UK, which is what we both want, because if we wait for the hearing and he has a job then that may ruin the chances for him to come here in the UK, and if he does not get a job and the visa is refused for the UK and he does not get a job in dubai that means he may have to go back to pakistan which is not safe for him, we are stuck both ways, please can anyone advise, because if he gets a job in dubai then he is stuck in a 3yr contract..
    i hope someone understands where i am coming from.
    Look forward to a reply

    Madiha 19 Aug 2008, 01:33 - Report

    Monday 25th of August , would make it 30 working days my husband submitted his application to the BHC in Abuja nigeria, can you please advice , how long does it take to apply for a settlement visa, under the new laws on section 307 A,

    BOLA 19 Aug 2008, 03:42 - Report
  • visa

    i am married to a student in the uk and im pregnant in what way can this lead to citizenship and what benefits are my entitiled to.

    zainab 03 Sep 2008, 02:25 - Report
  • student visa


    i am in the uk with a dependant visa on my spouse who is a student, i already had a kid from back home in nigeria what does the future hold for me and my family if we continue to stay in uk.

    kunmbi 03 Sep 2008, 02:35 - Report
  • dependent visa

    i am from india.my husband got job in uk recently(one week back).i would like to go there with my kid.do i really need his 3 months payslips for my visa?if we go by visitor visa can i convert to dependent visa there it self.kindly assist me on this.

    mrs.ram 03 Sep 2008, 05:42 - Report


    I am going to Nigeria to get married in october/2008.

    I am working part-time on £15,015 per year, but also on child and working tax credit as i jave two dependent children from my first marriage.

    I have gone to the UKVISAs section to read on the exception for those on working and child tax credit.

    i am extremely worried that my husband from nigeria will not be given settlement visa because I have recourse to public funds in my own right.


    Desperately need an urgent response

    Joy Uji 06 Sep 2008, 08:17 - Report
  • settlement vısa

    me and my husband are lıvıng ın turkey. we both paln to go back home thıs wınter. we have looked at the applıcatıon form on the web sıte for uk vısas. my dad my husbands father ın law ıs are sponser but that does not show on the applıcatıon form were to put about hım that ıs only askıng about me has anyone done thıs before. ı know the sectıon were to put another sponser. please help

    kelly 17 Sep 2008, 09:41 - Report
  • help

    am a british citizen,got married to a nigerian livin in nigeria, the thing is i jst started working end of august and we would start applying in may,but i get student busary which is 635quid a month and get about 800quid for ma part time work,and i ve been saving ma wages which will round abt 2000pounds before i start applying. do u think this is enough and also my hubby is a solicitor and an account officer whom will get a job when he comes over. do u think we are ok,any advice plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    viu 18 Sep 2008, 12:12 - Report
  • help

    we would start applying in november,not may.

    viu 18 Sep 2008, 12:16 - Report

    hello brother and sisters..is here anyone who can guide me about my problem..
    im pakisani and got married wid a polish girl last month, she went back to polandand now woring in uk..plz suggest me that is it possible for me to apply for uk visa? she is new in uk too? or i should go for polish visa?? plz plz plz reply me ..ill be very thinkful to u people... mail me at

    Yasir 28 Sep 2008, 09:04 - Report
  • Spouse Visa (Italian citzen and brasilian citzen)

    HI every one. I am married and Me and my husband live in Brazil. We want to live in UK so I can study to a MBA and he wants to work there. Is it possible? I have Italian passport becouse my mother is Italian.

    Fernanda 03 Oct 2008, 10:03 - Report
  • i hope this may help everyone

    i met my husband online, he is turkish i am english, he was granted a visitors visa twice to come here for holiday. Then he applied for a marriage visa, it was granted and he was given 6 months,After we married he had to reply for 2 year visa and work permit, It was expensive but we got it, It expired in august, we applied for settlement visa (ILTR) AGAIN IT WAS EXPENSIVE, £750 and took about 8 weeks. My husband isnt working and i only work part time!!!!!! If you are honest, have all the paperwork they need and married for love and not just for a visa, then you shouldnt have any problems, but i would never marry a turk who worked in the tourist industry, they are looking for a way out of turkey and into uk and as soon as they have what they want, will dump you, they have about 15 women applying to bring them into the country!!!!!!!!! if they dont have home papers, money etc, dont trust them, believe me i experienced it, no matter how much they tell you they love you, they will sound so convincing because they are practising it on so many women,

    turkish wife 04 Oct 2008, 12:14 - Report
  • dear doctor nahid

    if you are a doctor why do u not applay for skilled worker if you feel comfort then send me your documents i will applay
    and get the visa for you
    you may contact with me

    zaheer 07 Oct 2008, 06:40 - Report
  • Immigration

    my husband only married me for a stay in uk... his visa will expire next month... he is not living with me due to trouble in marraige but living with family friends, who will try get him an illegal stay... I want to send him back.. I don't want to him to stay in UK as I am no longer supporting him and because he used me for a stay!... What do I do?? Need good advice please

    sheenal 11 Oct 2008, 09:06 - Report
  • uk visa for turkish citizen...

    Me and my turkish fiance have been together 2 years we got engaged last year and are getting married in january 09. We are then goin to apply for a settlement visa for him to join me in the uk. I am aware of what documents i have to provide. But what confuses me is how much do they expect me to have in my bank? I work part time in a permanant job and can prove this. My fiance also has got his own savings that he can show to them. We will be living with my grandparents who will wrtie a letter to say if we ever come unstuck would help us but do they need to show proof of this?
    Any help and advice would be much appreciated

    jo 13 Oct 2008, 11:15 - Report
  • obtaining spouse visa..worried

    Hello....i meet my UK partner online in 2007...he has been to visit me twice since then in my own country of new zealand..last time he was over..we became husband n wife...and now i am in the process of applying for a spouse visa to be with him in the UK as his legal wife..my worry is basically..he is in receivership of public funds in the UK...but he has savings...he is also living at his parents home and that is where i will be also stayng once i get to the UK...over here in my own country..i am working and intend to work once in the UK and have some savings after cost of visa application is paid for...basically...what i am worried about is ...is there a possible chance of visa deniel due to this or am i just concerning myself unnecessarily...any advice would be appreciated ...

    Tania 17 Oct 2008, 09:44 - Report
  • REPLY TO - i do not want ot give the indefenite stay to my husband...

    You can write/call to homeoffice regarding cancellation of his visa. This will done in UK itself and his endorsed spouse visa stamp in the passport will cancelled/nullified in their records and they will in turn send a letter stating to his address about it and without any next question, he will given around 30-45 days to leave the country unless he wants to fight a legal case (which is very hard for him to win as domestic violence is treating VERY STRICTLY HERE IN UK)
    Grounds to be made while writing to homeoffice (Sheffield):
    1. He abuses me (physical or verbal or mental)
    2. He is forcing me to commit for something which i dont want.
    3. You should have a police complaint lodged against him for the abuse as a proof.

    At the end of two years of spouse visa, its solely YOU who has to sign the document with other bills and any kinda of joint documents of your two year stay. Your family, his family or him CANNOT do anything.

    zile 24 Oct 2008, 02:27 - Report
  • REPLY TO - obtaining spouse visa..worried

    Mainly homeoffice select on following criteria:
    1. Permanent income support from an sponsoring indiviual OR Property or business on his/her name.
    2. Genuine and legal marriage setup (ur case, if online, any emails or phone conversations etc).
    3. Minimum Savings of atleast 3-4 months (roughly about £4000-6000..exclusively meant for you unless he has a fixed income on monthly basis) for your complete stay and you can also mention further about your potentiality to secure a job after coming to UK.
    4. A well-balanced financial statement showing your payouts and earnings plus your 3-6 months bank statments, salary slips.

    zile 24 Oct 2008, 02:45 - Report
  • REPLY TO - immigration - sheenal

    Your case needs more detail....Questions arising to me...
    1. Why you didnt approach homeoffice on the first place when you both were seperated?
    2. What if he accuses you that you were not willing to stay with him or he was made homeless with certain grounds?

    Now that you are keen, just call or write to homeoffice explaining them the issue. They can cancel the visa stamp. And by you calling them and letting them know they can pin down the person faster. If you wish..you can also say his future plans or where could reside etc. Rest they shall look after the matter.

    zile 24 Oct 2008, 03:02 - Report
  • uk spouse visa

    Hi everyone, I'd like to travel to London this Christmas with my wife to visit her family, she is a British citizen and I'm from Morocco. I have been living and studying in Spain for the last 5 years and I have a Spanish residency card (tarjeta comunitaria). I would like to know what type of visa I should apply for exactly, a visitor's visa or a family permit, as I do not currently work. Is there someone in the same situation? Which is the best way? Thanks

    hanzoo 24 Oct 2008, 10:08 - Report
  • Immagration - Zile

    Hi Zile

    You had made good points regarding my situation...

    He has been domestically violence towards me where the police got involved... I had a good conversation about this with the police and they said that they will ring home office and have his visa stamped as there is trouble. As a family we suggested that he went back home so that we could have a break.... and when things have calmed down he will come back as we did need a break. However, he returned without me knowing and living with family friends... I just have this wiered feeling that he has come back to get a permanent stay in the UK and doesnt care less about me!
    I rang the Home office helpline and spoke to some1 who clearly said that he can not get a stay without my consent and with full papers...
    I wanted things to work out between us two... but it's not working well... do you think he could get a stay without my consent?

    Sheenal 25 Oct 2008, 02:13 - Report
  • REPLY(2) TO - immigration - sheenal

    Hi Sheenal,

    Thanks for explaining the situation. The question you asked about his staying without your consent...YES, he can, if gets a valid reason for the seperation. Coz the application form (for or after seperation) can be filled without your signature required.

    zile 25 Oct 2008, 09:04 - Report
  • obtaining spouse visa..worried

    Hi Zile....first of all thankyou for getting back to me in regards to my queries.....
    I have a marriage certificate stating that myself n my partner become legally Husband and Wife on the day that we were married in New Zealand....About the savings side of it....are you referring to his savings?.....and the fact that he is in receivership of Public Funds in the UK has no bearing on my application?....I myself have small savings that will be coming over with me to the UK when i am able to get there....From the answers you have provided me in regards to my query.....some were answered to my understanding but not all....I am especially concerned about the fact that he is reciving public funds and am not sure if that has any actual bearing on my application or not...it is a fixed income he receives and on top of that he also has savings and as my sponser....accomadation is within the fdamily home in the UK...........in plain english...have i any reasons to be concerned about a possible deniel on my application for a Spouse Visa...or am i just over concerned?

    Tania 26 Oct 2008, 11:11 - Report
  • Applying for a spouse visa for the first time

    Hi me and my turkish fiance will be getting married in january 09 and then we plan to apply for spouse visa so he can join me in the uk together. I am aware of all the documents i need to provide on my behalf also we will have suitable accomodation in the uk and i am in a part time job, also on coming to the uk my fiance will have his own savings...What im needing help on is we plan to return to the uk shortly after we are married is there any sort of time period on how long you should married before applying a spouse visa??? Also the fact that i only work part time would that be any kind of problem??? Any information will be much appreciated...Thanks in advance

    Sicily 26 Oct 2008, 03:19 - Report
  • REPLY(2) TO - obtaining spouse visa..worried

    Hi Tania,

    Yes, i was referring to his savings if he is filing application as a sponsor.

    As per homeoffice requirements:

    Your husband, wife or civil partner may come with you to the United Kingdom, or join you here, if you are aged 18 or over and you:

    1. currently live in the United Kingdom and are settled here; or
    2. are returning to the United Kingdom with him/her to live here permanently.

    He/she must show that:

    1. you are legally married to each other or have registered a civil partnership;
    2. you are going to live together permanently as man and wife, or as civil partners;
    you have met each other;
    3. you can support yourselves and any dependants without help from public funds;
    4. you have adequate accommodation where you and your dependants can live without help from public funds (see Rights and responsibilities for more information on what this means); and
    5. he/she is aged 18 or over.

    zile 26 Oct 2008, 07:52 - Report
  • REPLY(2) TO - obtaining spouse visa..worried

    Hi Zile......thankyou for that info....but it is myself that is applying to join my husband in the UK.....Do i need to have that same amount of savings or not,.....????

    Tania 28 Oct 2008, 01:27 - Report
  • REPLY(2) TO - obtaining spouse visa..worried

    continued....and if he is in receivership of public funds in the UK wont interfere with my application to join hin there as his legal wife??????

    Tania 28 Oct 2008, 02:08 - Report
  • Reply Zile - Immagration

    Hi Zile

    I have a better reason that he used me for a stay in the UK. I rang up Home office helpline and they said that he can not get a stay without my consent... The thing is I can not deport him or something on those line until his visa has expired... I can just say that the relationship has not worked out and therefore I don't wnat to give him a stay... what you think?

    Sheenal 28 Oct 2008, 07:46 - Report
  • REPLY(3) TO - obtaining spouse visa..worried

    Hi Tania,

    As you said though you are applying but the sponsor papers still require his name which means the normal paper work will not differ (i.e., for anyone applying from outside UK as a spouse/dependant visa). The application will be weighted and looked more from his side rather yours with a simple reason as the other person being settled in UK.

    Yes, application will be effected if he is in receivership of public funds as that includes in the basic criteria for spouse visa application.

    The application will also be looked at the following aspect that the sponsorer should be paying tax to the government for minimum 6 months through any kind of regular income (employed or self employed).

    zile 31 Oct 2008, 12:12 - Report
  • REPLY(3) TO - obtaining spouse visa..worried

    Sorry, regarding the amount you need to show..

    For your application, you dont have to show anything at all as the "application will seen from his side as mentioned earlier". But it doesnt even effect the application so if you feel like you can.

    That money you need to show will have more weightage from his side for your application.

    zile 31 Oct 2008, 12:20 - Report
  • REPLY(3) TO - immigration - sheenal

    Hi sheenal,

    Before reading, i am referring below as "settled partner"-sheenal and "spouse"- to your husband.

    UK spouse visa after 2 years can conclude only three results :-
    1) leads to ILR
    2) leads to further extension to the spouse visa after 2 years rather an ILR (this happens when a settled person thinks relationship needs more time ), OR
    3) leads to returning back to spouse home country, if marriage doesnt work.

    This visa cannot be changed to ANY OTHER category while staying in UK.

    Now if marriage resulting in dispute (with whatever situation.
    (A)Things a settled partner can do:----
    1) Settled partner has right to reveal to HO regarding the marriage for not being a success, if this is done as early as possible, coz HO to act on a application filed within 3-6 months of visa will enforce them quickly to remove the spouse which is sooner the later.
    2) Settled partner can get some sound evidence in case later requiring in the court. But mostly they are not needed in court as per the law. As for a settled partner, just the words are enough by saying that he was abusive, not responsible etc etc and marriage didnt work. Generally UK law favours women.

    (B) Things a Spouse can do:-------
    1) Needs substantially proving and justifying to HO or later in court why he needs a ILR and on what grounds?
    2) That can be by means valid evidence that he was exploited and had faced domestic violence or made homeless on certain grounds. This seems quite tough for a man to proof on a woman in the UK without any substantial evidence.

    And, Yes he cannot get a stay without your consent. But that stay your talking is through a spouse visa leading to ILR.

    But what i was talking previously was a stay on grounds of domestic violence (if) filed by your husband. For that he doesnt need your consent. But for that also firstly he needs a divorce.

    But overall i find diminishing chances for him to secure an ILR unless he strongly proves domestic violence. As mainly women are more related to domestic violence issues rather men.

    zile 31 Oct 2008, 03:33 - Report
  • REPLY(4) TO - obtaining spouse visa..worried

    Hi Sheenal,

    Not to forget that, application also depends on what kind of public funds he is claiming. Sometimes some fund doesnt have relevance to your spouse visa application.

    Anways FYI these are classified as public funds in the UK:-
    1)Attendance Allowance
    2)Housing or Homelessness Allowance
    3)Severe Disablement Allowance
    4)Carer’s Allowance
    5)Disability Living Allowance
    6)Income Support
    7)Working Tax Credit
    8)Council Tax Benefit Social Fund Payment
    9)Child Benefit
    10)Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
    11)Housing Benefit
    12)State Pension Credit
    13)Child Tax Credit

    zile 31 Oct 2008, 03:51 - Report
  • Certificate of no impediment

    I am just wondering whether anyone here has been married in turkey? Do i need to get my certificate of no impediment translated into turkish here in the uk before going to turkey? Or can i take it as it is?


    Leanne 31 Oct 2008, 04:00 - Report
  • REPLY(3) TO - obtaining spouse visa..worried

    Hello Zile........understood clearly now....thankyou very much for your help....i see know that i was worrying unnecessarily...again thankyou...happy

    Tania 01 Nov 2008, 03:45 - Report
  • Visa application from Malaysia

    I am in the middle of applying a spouse visa from Malaysia. I am a bit confused about teh supporting document part even though I have called up teh visa centre who was not really informative.

    I know that i would have to provide two sets of all printed documents eg 2 sets of our email correspondance, 2 sets of bank statements where by one has to be original and the other one a certify true copy. I was just wondering whether it is like that in every country because i never get to read from other applicants about having to hand in two sets of all printed matters.

    The other query I have is if my occupational status would affect the application since I am no longer working , my british husband is currently supporting me.

    It would be really great if someone could response to my queries.

    I wish everyone best of luck with their application since Christmas is approaching and I would not wish anyone to spend it away from their loved ones.

    HPP 04 Nov 2008, 03:32 - Report
  • hello

    i em british citizen can i bring mi family to uk i em takin benefit i have 4 children and mi waife

    hasan 08 Nov 2008, 11:14 - Report


    JOHN 10 Nov 2008, 03:54 - Report
  • has the law changed

    hey people can u please help me ive been married from 10 months and now want to call my husband from pakistan i am a british citerzan but people are saying that the law is going to change is it relly and if it is will it affect me or not?

    sameena 13 Nov 2008, 12:55 - Report
  • earnings

    i earn about £450-500 a month i live in the u.k i want to apply for a spouse visa for my wife in india is that enough earnings to support her??

    please help me!

    gazz 13 Nov 2008, 02:46 - Report
  • spouse visa

    What are the requirments for a spouse from india to work in the uk , as my wife got refused on that basis.

    anton 14 Nov 2008, 12:52 - Report
  • spouse visa

    Opps .. forgot to put in that she got refused because she cannot speak any english , can you advice on this matter .

    anton 14 Nov 2008, 12:56 - Report
  • my stay in the uk

    i am married to my boy friend 1 years now we were living together for 4 years before we married. He is a british citizen he have his job and his accommodation we are not living off no social fund. i over stayed 4 years and i would like to know if it going to be a problem if he ask for my stay in the country.

    pebbles 17 Nov 2008, 08:03 - Report
  • converting visit visa into spouse visa

    i am an indian girl and currently seeing an italian man who's been living in UK for 12 years now. He's a citizen in the UK and has got good amount of savings and a job in hand. My question is- If i want to be married to him and move to UK, can i visit UK as a tourist and get married to him? If yes, will i stand a chance of converting a tourist visa into a spouse visa? What is the exact process like and what are the terms and conditions? Can anyone please help?

    sarah 20 Nov 2008, 03:42 - Report
  • how to know the status of the tier1 visa

    hey, i have applied for the tier1 visa from Delhi,India .Its been 5 weeks ,so from where can i easily track the status that how much time will they take more? VFS site is showing the same status from last 5 weeks,can anyone tel any phone numbers from where i can easily inquire?


    anuash 20 Nov 2008, 04:06 - Report
  • spouse

    i got married to a guy from bangladesh and when he came to uk he started to caus trouble for me...it was a arranged marriage...we got divorced...but his visa expired on feb 2008 and i wrote letter to immigration...but they not got back to me....and i know his still in the uk...how do i deport him back...cuz he is living in uk his a immigrant

    m nessa 27 Nov 2008, 02:55 - Report
  • For Those People To make Spouse Visa, Marriage Visa, Settalemet

    Guys I am an Indian And i marry To Britisher Indian we marry each other and she send me spouse letter remember that sponsor letter is requirement and other as mortgages letter from she/he and financially statement according to this (saving in bank as per law of country, his or her job letter with salary slips of he/she works or business, these all thing to done if you want to get done in good format I Specially Refer that he/she Go To A Good Solicitor to get it done take those advice To make sponsor from he/she to get in country. and then to apply Visa you should Contact or personally Visit your nearest Embassy Because all Application Will be Submitted there for visa form you can get those in websites or Embassy Too...... Good Luck Guys...... If you have any query Please Mail me I am willing to Help you guys....

    Spouse Visa, Marriage Visa, Settalemet 01 Dec 2008, 08:50 - Report
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